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Energy Efficient Replacement Windows


What makes an energy efficient Window Wise window?

Rapid advances in window technology have created a market made up of hundreds of energy efficient window manufacturers resulting in vast differences in window quality.

How do you know you're getting the best, most efficient windows available?

Tested Windows

All approved Window Wise windows have been tested and exceed building code standards for energy efficiency, air infiltration, water leakage and strength, and will provide you with energy saving benefits for years to come.


High quality, thermally efficient frame and sash
components manufactured under specified
quality control

High efficiency, Low-E coated, sealed glazing
units filled with inert gas

Sealed units made with warm edge spacers

State-of-the-art weatherstripping

Windows are forced-entry rated

Windows are tested according to
CSA A440 specification. Test results
must meet or exceed Window Wise minimum requirements for:
a) air infiltration
b) water penetration
c) strength (wind load)

Light enters freely through Low-E glass

In the summer, heat reflective windows lower a/c costs

In the winter, retain interior heat and dramatically lower energy costs

List of certified Window Wise manufacturers
All Window Wise certified windows are Energy Star qualified

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