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Replacement Window Installation


What is a Window Wise installation?

Window renovations and installations are a big industry in Canada. More and more homeowners are taking advantage of energy saving programs and incentives to make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient. Unfortunately, too many contractors are capitalizing on the increased demand and offering replacement window installation services without first receiving proper training. A faulty window installation can nullify the energy saving benefits and hi-tech features of the window and create costly problems that may not be evident for months or years.

Window Installation Training

Window Wise trains and certifies window installers in proper installation techniques to ensure your windows work properly and offer energy saving benefits for years to come.

25 Points of Criteria for Window Installation

A Window Wise replacement window installation specifies over 25 criteria for a quality, energy-efficient installation. On every Window Wise installation, there must be at least one certified and experienced installer on site.

Window Wise audits replacement window installations

Independent Audit

Window Wise randomly inspects certified installations to ensure quality standards are being maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions about Window Installation and Window Wise Certification

Window Wise Installation Training
Window Wise requires that at least one certified window installer must be on-site

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