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Replacement Windows Quality Assurance Program

Window Wise is a replacement window quality assurance program designed to give homeowners peace of mind that investing in window replacement will be a lasting one. We approve window replacement manufacturers and certify window installation contractors.

Get started and find a Window Wise certified dealer in your province today.

The 5 components of the
Window Wise program ensure
that your home window
replacement project
makes use of
contractors &
all backed
by our
5 year


Why You Should Look for Window Wise Certification

Window Wise is a national certification program that audits and approves replacement windows,
their installation, and contractors throughout Canada.  There are over 2,000 window manufacturers
in Canada
, but to date less than 30 are certified by Window Wise.

Simply look for the Window Wise certification and be rest assured that we guarantee your replacement windows for 5 years.