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Replacement Window FAQs


We've answered some of your frequently asked questions about replacement windows, window installation, and dealing with window contractors and dealers.

1.  We are having new replacement windows installed in our home and I would like to have Window Wise approved windows installed by a registered Window Wise contractor. How much does it cost to participate in your program?
There is absolutely no cost to the consumer to participate in the Window Wise program. All you need to do is ensure that your contractor is Window Wise registered. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will verify that your contractor is a member of Window Wise.
You can also use our dealer locator to find Window Wise contractors in your area.

2.  My contractor said that he installs Window Wise approved windows but seemed evasive when I asked if he was a registered Window Wise contractor himself. How can I be sure if he is?
Some replacement window contractors mislead consumers by installing Window Wise approved windows but they have not been certified as a registered Window Wise Contractor. Please contact us and we can verify whether your contractor is registered with us.
Remember, even a quality Window Wise window will not perform to its potential if not installed properly.

3.  I'm looking to replace my windows in my home! How do I know that by going with a Window Wise dealer, that I will be receiving energy efficient windows?
All approved Window Wise windows have been tested according to the CSA A440 standard. Also, all approved windows must be Energy Star qualified. Please visit the Energy Star website to learn more.


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